Public Notices


Powell County received a request for a Floodplain Development Permit from Northwestern Energy to conduct work near the Clark Fork River on their 100kV transmission line near Gold Creek, MT.  The proposed work consists of replacing two structures, 60-75 and 60-76 and installing an additional pole (60-74A) and attaching the lines.  The applicant states that work is required by the National Electric Safety Code to comply with line clearance codes.  The applicant will disturb 5’x5’ areas for each pole replacement and installation.  The petitioner will restore the disturbed areas after completing all work.  The project site is approximately 2.5 miles west of Gold Creek between the rail line and Clark Fork River in NW ¼ of Section 22, Township 10 North, Range 11 West.  Interested parties may contact County Planner Carl Hamming, CFM, at 406.846.9729 for further information regarding the request or submit comments to the Planning Office.  The application and all supporting materials are available for viewing at the County Planning Department, 409 Missouri Ave., Suite 101, Deer Lodge, MT.  The comment period will end on July 26, 2017.