Public Notices


Public Notice

Powell County received a request for a Floodplain Development Permit from J.R. Taylor of Montana Dept. of Transportation to clean out and re-establish approximately 1200’ of the ditch on the east side of Boulder Road near Deer Lodge.  The proposed actions include excavating sediment, reshaping the ditch and constructing a small sedimentation basin.  The project site is on the east side of Boulder Road, near the intersection with Milwaukee Ave. in Sections 3 and 34, Township 7N, Range 9W.  Interested parties may contact County Planning Director Carl Hamming, CFM at 406.846.9729 for further information regarding the request or submit comments to the Planning Office.  The application and all supporting materials are available for viewing at the County Planning Department, 409 Missouri Ave., Suite 101, Deer Lodge, MT. (2/22/2018)