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4-H Information

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  2018-2019 4-H Clover
  What is a 4-H Club?
  Montana 4-H Policies & Procedures
  4-H Family Handbook
       Powell County 4-H Constitution & Bylaws   02/07/2018
  Powell County 4-H Policy  05/06/2014
  Using the 4-H Name and Emblem Policy 2014
  Montana 4-H Councils & Committees Guide 2015
  4-H Leader Handbook 09/2012
  Survival Guide for 4-H Camp Leaders 2007
  President & Vice President Handbook 09/2012
  So, You Are the Historian of Your 4-H Club
  4-H Secretary's Handbook       Secretary Forms  09/2012
  4-H Treasurer's Book    07/2015
  4-H News Reporter's Book   11/2009
  4-H Demonstrations and Speeches  2016    alternate site to download from
  Parliamentary Practice for 4-H
  Ambassador Handbook  June 1, 2015
  Appropriate Use of 4-H Name & Emblem in Livestock Sales, Auctions & Similar Events 
  Livestock Sale Frequently Asked Questions
  4-H Raffles, lotteries & gaming 
  Religion and 4-H Youth Development Programs 
  4-H Fundraising
  Is my Quality Assurance training current?   as of 6/22/2018
  How Many County Events Have I attended?  as of 2/13/2019
  County Events Policy  10/01/2018
   How do I write a 4-H goal?



Fair Information:

  Fair Market BEEF Interview questions
  Fair Market SHEEP interview questions
  Fair Market SWINE interview questions
  Fair Market GOATS interview questions
  Fair Market POULTRY interview questions
  Fair Market RABBITS interview questions
  Fair Replacement Heifer interview questions

4-H Forms: 

  2018-2019 NEW Member Enrollment Form 
       2018-2019 Large Animal Project Assumption of Risk Form if you are taking a large animal this form must accompany your enrollment form
       2018-2019 Horse Project Assumption of Risk Form if you are taking a horse project this form must accompany your enrollment form
  2018-2019 New Leader Forms (all the following forms must be completed):
       Volunteer Application form
       Volunteer Disclosure form
       Volunteer Enrollment form
       Volunteer Agreement form
  Volunteer Media Release form
  If you were enrolled in Powell County 4-H during 2017-2018, you may manage your information or re-enroll online here.   Access to your profile is by using the family email address you enrolled with.  If you need to change this address or need help resetting your password, please contact the Powell County Extension Office.  Projects on the website cannot be changed from May 1 until mid-September and November 17 until January 2. New 4-H enrollees cannot set up a profile online--registration must be completed with paper forms. Instructions for managing your profile are here.

  Incident Report Form
          Permission to Travel Form          
  4-H Fundraising Form
  4-H Medical Release Form
  Ambassador Application Form
  Yearly 4-H Program Plan
  State 4-H Scholarships -- Application Form -- Due April 1
Some of the following 4-H record keeping forms are interactive Adobe PDF files. They can be saved to your computer for electronic use throughout the year (you can type your record information right into them and they include calculating functions). YOU MUST Save each file to your computer FIRST to use form functions.  Do this by right-clicking and using the 'save link as' function.
If you choose to save them for electronic use you must have version 10 or higher of Adobe Reader. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader click the link at the top of the page.
  Livestock Feed Sheet     This form is provided for your convenience--it is not required 
  My 4-H Year Journal
  My 4-H Year--Saveable pdf format requires Adobe Reader 10
  Non-Animal Project Journal
  Non-Animal Project Journal--Saveable pdf format requires Adobe Reader 10
  Animal Project Journal
  Animal Project & Financial Journal--Saveable pdf format requires Adobe Reader 10
  Replacement Heifer Project Guidelines   2018-2019
  Replacement Heifer Project Record Form
     The form can be filled out and printed but not saved



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Jodi Pauley – County Extension Agent
     Cell: 406-560-5966
     e-mail:  jpauley@montana.edu

Sheila Finco – Administrative Assistant   
     e-mail:  powell@montana.edu

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