Noxious Weed Identification

Here are several indicators that you might be dealing with noxious weeds…

There’s something growing out in the pasture or along the creek and it seems to be overtaking all the other vegetation.
The cows & horses won’t touch it, even if you pour molasses all over it.
It’s a real nuisance; the seeds stick to everything including the dog, the horses, the cows, the deer and your finest chore jacket!
The blossoms are purple, yellow or white and none of your animals will eat them.
Your neighbors are spraying for noxious weeds on their adjacent properties each year.
Your pasture looks worse every year even though you’ve been grazing it less and less.

Do you have noxious weeds on your property or not? That is a common (and wise) question. Over time, noxious weed infestations reduce the productivity of your land, increase wildfire potential, reduce stability of banks along streams and rivers and can even impact insects and birds which are important pollinators for our wild and cultivated plants.

The Most Abundant Noxious Weed Species in Powell County

Spotted Knapweed Leafy Spurge Houndstongue
Yellow ToadFlax Canada Thistle Sulfur Cinquefoil

Page 5 of the Powell County Vegetation Management Plan lists noxious weed species by abundance

Our Newest Invader–Black Henbane

We Can Help!

Feel free to bring in a plant sample (root, stem and blossoms if possible, in good condition) and we’ll help you identify your plants of concern. Our office is located on the south side of the fairgrounds between the county shop and the animal shelter. Please call ahead to make sure someone will be in the office to assist you especially during the busy field season: (406) 846-3348.

Website Resources

If you prefer, you can “surf the net” from the comfort of your home and find answers online! Here are two excellent Montana related websites that provide noxious weed identification photos and descriptions:

Montana Weed Control Association

Montana Extension Service

Weed Board Building
422 Fairgrounds Rd
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Mailing address:
409 Missouri Ave., Suite 105D
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

(406) 846-3348

Your Local Coordinator:
Karen Laitala ‑ Weed Coordinator
Cell – (406) 560-2919

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