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72-15-102.  A public administrator who is duly elected, commissioned, and qualified shall take charge of estates of persons dying within the administrator’s county as follows:

  1. estates of decedents who have no known heirs;
  2. estates ordered into the administrator’s hands by the court; and
  3. estates upon which letters of administration have been issued to the administrator by the court

72-15-207.  The public administrator shall once each year make to the district court or a judge of the district court, under oath, a return of all estates of decedents that have come into the public administrator’s hands stating:

  1. the value of the estates;
  2. the money that has come into the public administrator’s hands from each estate;
  3. what the public administrator has done with it;
  4. the amount of fees and expenses incurred by the public administrator; and
  5. the balance, if any, remaining in the public administrator’s hands

The public administrator shall post a copy of the return in the office of the clerk of the district court of the county.

72-5-415.  (1)Whenever a professional person, as defined in 53-21-102, has reason to believe that any person is in need of the appointment of a conservator for the effective management of the person’s property or affairs under this part and that the person has no relative, friend, or other appropriate person who is able and willing to serve as a conservator for the person, the professional person shall notify the public administrator.

(2) Whenever the public administrator is notified under subsection (1) of the need for the appointment of a conservator and reasonable cause exists, the public administrator shall file a petition for appointment of the public administrator as conservator of the person.

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