Fair Board Meeting

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April 8 2021 7:00 PM (Powell County Community Center)


MINUTES: March Meeting



FINANCIAL REPORT: Have deposited $2050 in Sponsorships, $1600 Rodeo Sponsors plus the chute signs


  • Rodeo added money update-Mike, Committee? Ruth has received 2 $800 Rodeo sponsorships .Kacee?
  • Chute signs and BRP signs Report. Money is coming in every day
  • Finalize MOU with Market Committee Ben had it last? Went to Kimberly Probably will longer apply

NEW FAIR BUSINESS:. Ruth was informed by Powell County Attorney Cathy McEnery that Deer Lodge County will no longer be a part of the Tri County Fair. Also, we are no longer allowed to use the name, Tri County Fair and all board members from ADLC will be recalled. We are also now going to have to have 2 separate meetings for Fair Board and Grounds Board. Grounds Board will consist of the 7 Powell County Board members.. We need to come up with a new name for the fair as all of our contracts, Face Book page, WEB page, etc.. will have to be changed, and we will have to have 2 separate sets of bylaws. This is the point in the meeting is where the fair board meeting will adjourn and the grounds board will address grounds business.

Names submitted:

Clark Fork Valley Fair

Pioneer Country Fair

Montana Heritage Fair

Any other

Sheila says it has to be fairly short to fit on the exhibit tags

Ruth would appreciate a raise from $200/Month to $300. The salary has been the same for over 20 years, back when the Secretary just took minutes and did fair entries.

Add Travis Jones to the checking account at 1st Security, remove Carolyn Pasha. He just needs to stop by and sign with a copy of the minutes of this meeting.

The fair board computer was delivered to Missoula on Tuesday March 30 to have the hard drive cloned, so that is why I dont have access to everything right now, like the paid chute signs


From Ruth: I am very sorry that tonight of all nights I cannot be there. Please try to take care of as much of this as you can tonight. Next month we can go into a lot of issues in more detail. For now these are the most important, especially the name. I would really like a generic name that would never have to be changed again!

If anyone knows of any potential vendors for fair let Ruth know. We could use all of the Mary Kay, Tupperware, home based businesse


Next Meeting May 13, 2021

Location: TBD Maybe in our new office




Powell County Community Center 416 Cottonwood Ave.
Deer Lodge MT 59722

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