You have used noxious weed identification resources and figured out that you have noxious weeds on your property. What should you do? Pull it, spray it, mow it….. or put your head in the sand and hope it goes away?

Have no fear-we are here to help! There are numerous free publications available in our office and we are always happy to discuss weed control options with you in person. Please call our office with your weed control questions: (406) 846-3348.

Fair Display Booth-during the peak of our growing season each August, Karen Laitala, your Powell County weed coordinator, brings an interesting and informative educational display booth to the Fair. Recently picked specimens of many weed species will be on display. Make it a point to drop by the fair booth and visit about your weed control issues, ideas and concerns.

Weed Management Strategies
In Powell County we promote “integrated” management strategies for weed control. What does this mean?

When landowners use a combination of actions to control or eradicate certain noxious weed species on their land, this is known as “integrated management”. The following list provides a view of several commonly recognized actions that are taken by landowners to control noxious and/or nuisance weeds:

Herbicide for weed control (aerial or ground applications)
Manual weed control (pulling plants, removing seedheads or mowing to prevent bloom)
Biological weed control (the use of specific insects which target certain plants)
Burning and/or re-seeding for weed control
Targeted grazing (using sheep grazing on leafy spurge)
Prevention measures (cleaning vehicles and equipment after exposure to noxious weeds, feeding noxious weed seed free forage, using noxious weed seed free soil, and requiring re-seeding and herbicide treatment whenever soil is disturbed on your land)

For more information on any of these practices, please visit the Montana Weed Control Association

Weed Board Building
422 Fairgrounds Rd
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Mailing address:
409 Missouri Ave., Suite 105D
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

(406) 846-3348

Your Local Coordinator:
Karen Laitala ‑ Weed Coordinator
Cell – (406) 560-2919

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